Saturday, October 17, 2015

App Review: Clue

If you're anything like me, you've never acquire the skill of knowing when your period is going to come. As young adulthood rolled around I came to the realization that I should probably figure out how to track my period. After, like, 10 minutes of Google searching I downloaded the app Clue. It is available for Android and iOs.

Basically you can track your period, ovulation, and PMS in this app. They offer different view in which you can look at past cycles or three months ahead, like in the calendar view below. You can even set a reminder or widget so you'll be notified days before your period begins. 

They recently released an iOs update in which you can track your skin, weight, mental state, motivation, cravings, and weight. This way you can track what is related to your cycle and what is not. 

There is information related to different birth control methods, and you can even set an alarm for your pill. Over all this app is sleek, easy to use, and it doesn't scream "period app" on your home screen. I use it pretty much religiously so I am always prepared! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dear Girls...

Dear girls,

I know that society has told you that a boy is going to come along and sweep you off of your feet. That he is going to dry your tears and make you believe you are beautiful. Countless books and movies have pound the idea into our minds since we were old enough to play with dolls and watch Disney movies.

I have learned differently in the few months I have been an adult. You are going to meet some amazing friends. The type of friends who are going to be in your wedding. The ones who you can call  on a bad day. The ones who each gallons of ice cream with you and binge watch your favorite movies. Those are the people who are going to make you realize how wonderful and irreplaceable you are. The ones who are going to make you realize how perfect every curve and freckle and piece of hair that isn't in place is. They will make you realize you are an unstoppable woman.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kabuki Brush Set Review

A few months ago I purchased a brush set from Amazon (that you can find here.) I was very excited because I got 8 brushes for a great price! I was a little nervous like anyone is ordering items online, but I was very glad that these brushes are as great and high quality as they are. They are very soft and don't shed at all. The only downfall I have found is that when they first arrive they smell like very cheap plastic or chemicals. As soon as I gave them a good wash they were fine.

One of the face brush in the set is the angled brush. I use this to apply bronzer and blush.

Another face brush is the dome brush. I use this to apply highlighter on the top of my cheeks.

I use this small flat top brush to blend my under eye concealer in.

My favorite brush is this blending brush. I use this every day!

Monday, March 2, 2015

E.L.F. Jumbo Gloss Review

 I recently picked up a new E.L.F. product from Target. Its the Jumbo Gloss Stick in Sangria Starters. It was only $2! Compared to some of the other jumbo gloss sticks I have (like one from Sephora which was $5, Covergirl's which was about $7, and Revlon which was also about $7) it definitely holds its ground. It leaves a light minty scent and the gloss isn't to shiny, but it isn't matte either. The color pay off is iffy like most gloss sticks, but it can be build up.

Over all it moisturized my lips, leaves a fairly long lasting color, and is super inexpensive. Soon I'll probably be ordering more colors from this line.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

$3 Personalized Gift Jars

 Looking for a quick, but stylish gift! Look no further! You can fill your jars with anything you'd like, but I filled mine with strawberry candies. You'll need a small jar and some letter stickers too. I found both of these things in the One Spot at Target.

First, apply the letters to the lid of the jar. It can be a quote or just their name.

Fill your jar's with whatever you'd like and its all done!